A1 Pooper Scooper Services, a professional company in the greater Pomona Valley of Southern California. Specializing in dog waste removal and disposal at private homes, Home Owners Associations, condo's, apartment complexes, city parks and  special animal events.


Our Mission

Our Story & Mission

Our Story

What ?   A poop free garden ?     


                                                                                           A1 Pooper Scooper Service

                                                                                  can Help!

our Story

To provide professional pet waste management solutions that will protect adults, children and pets from illnesses and disease caused by pet waste buildup.  

To contribute to the “green” environmental movement by removing pet waste and keeping it from seeping into drainage water.

To support the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA to find homes for pets in need.  And to promote adoption by offering ONE MONTH FREE service  to any who are willing to adopt and provide TLC for these precious animals.

A1 Pooper Scooper Service in the Greater Pomona Valley

 Established Since 2007

​Bonded and Insured